ARTE A MILANO – Inaugurazione 1 settembre 2016 – officinesaffi Around the Nature, Shozo Michikawa at Museo Zauli

Arte officinesaffi  300 sett 2016

Inaugura giovedì 1 settembre alle ore 19.30 la mostra Around the Nature, Shozo Michikawa at Museo Zauli.

Un gemellaggio culturale, quello tra Zauli ed il Giappone che ha radici molto lontane – è stato molto intenso lo scambio tra l’artista ed il paese nipponico, con diversi cicli espositivi ospitati dalle istituzioni nipponiche tra il 1974 e il 1981 – e che grazie alle Officine Saffi si rinnova presentando una selezione di opere di Shozo Michikawa della collezione Officine Saffi e alcuni lavori inediti realizzati appositamente per la mostra in un’installazione suggestiva nella stanza dei vecchi forni e nella cantina delle argille, ovvero in quello che era lo studio d’artista di Carlo Zauli e che oggi è diventato sede del Museo e centro culturale.


Via A. Saffi, 7 – 20123 – Milano

Tel. +39.02.36685696 Fax +39.02.36597444

TWISTED SCULPTURES BY SHOZO MICHIKAWA – solo exhibition Museo Carlo Zauli I via Della Croce, 6 I Faenza IOpening September 1st, 7 pm2 September – 2 October 2016On occasion of Argillà Italia, Officine Saffi presents from September 2, 2016 in collaboration with Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza, the solo exhibition Twisted Sculptures by Shozo Michikawa.

On show there will be a selection of artwork from Officine Saffi collection and some unreleased pieces realized just for the exhibition.

The Japanese artist from Seto, one ofthe Nihon Rokkoyo, namely the six oldest pottery centers of Japan, is one of the most important exponents of the great Japanese artistic tradition. His are essential and dense works of art that are inspired by nature. “The energy of nature is truly immense.

No matter how much our sciences and civilisation might evolve, the power of human beings is inconsequential in the face of natural threats such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and erupting volcanoes…

My own creative activities have been inspired by various phenomena in the natural world; even those that can be seen in everyday life.”* His works originate from the utilitarian form of vases or bowls and are elevated to plastic art pieces.

Masses of clay shaped by the sacredness of the artist’s gesture, presenting multiple cuts and facets made without Shozo never touches with his hands the work until the moment of firing. During Argillà Festival Shozo Michikawa will hold a workshop at Museo Zauli venue demonstrating his uniqueprocess of cutting and facetting work. *Shozo Michikawa, essay from the Forbidden City Exhibition Catalogue. Shozo Michikawa Shozo Michikawa was born in Hokkaido in 1953. He studied at Aoyama Gakuin University, graduating in 1975. He began working in business, but took evening classes in art, and a few years later he decided to dedicate all of his time to ceramics. He currently lives and works in Seto, in the prefecture of Aichi. He has exhibited principally in Japan, but also in the Philippines, Mongolia, France, New York and London. In 2005 he became the first Japanese artist to have the honour of an exhibition at the Forbidden City in Peking.

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